“Winery at Night” the online photo exhibition that unveils Valpolicella by night

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“Winery at Night” is a photographic project conceived by Tenute Salvaterra revealing the beauty of the Valpolicella territory under a new perspective. A collection of images taken by artist Betta Gancia in the ancient courtyard of Villa Giona, an ancient house from the late 16th century, home of the cellar, and shows an image of nature unknown to us, portrayed in the dark of night. From the absolute black of the night, the artist plays with the weak natural light of the moon, so details, shapes and secret colors are emerging, ones that the actual light of day would not unveil.

The images will be published gradually over a period of 16 weeks, creating an online photography exhibition on social channels and Tenute SalvaTerra blog. An exhibition that exceeds physical boundaries and reaches wine enthusiasts, photography and nature lovers.

In the dark the photographer can find something alive, a glow, lines and colors that define a hope of life and warmth. The nature in the hills of Valpolicella and in its wineries, where our wines are born, is revealed in all its fullness and intensity.

Today we reveal the first two images that opens this photographic journey.



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