INTEGRATED VINEYARD MANAGEMENT. Sustainability and eco-compatibility: two of Tenute Salvaterra’s missions.

Rational, modern management of vineyards and their soil has proven to be an excellent means of safeguarding the environment.

One reason Tenute Salvaterra is integrating its vineyard management is to enhance quality, but principally it is to ensure greater eco-compatibility and economic sustainability.


Assessing a vineyard and then applying integrated management are labour-intensive and complex operations that comprise a wide range of action geared towards reducing the impact of grape-growing on the soil, local population, air and water.


Integrated management involves the responsible use of key farming practices, such as irrigation and pesticides. However, regardless of whether producers use green manure, living mulch or slash pesticide use, what matters is that major progress has been made in recent years and awareness has been raised that pesticides have great potential, but need to be used responsibly.


Tenute Salvaterra has always done its utmost to ensure that its grapes are grown with a respectful use of resources.

Consequently, we see soil as a unique and unfortunately finite asset, and we recognise that it is the key to a magical, extraordinary product: wine.


The values behind our work philosophy—respect, love, patience, flair and passion—provide a solid foundation for our mission, which is to safeguard soil, the origin of our wine.


The main objective of Tenute Salvaterra is to strike a balance between work and life, as it is this very balance that governs the natural environment where our wine begins.


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